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Like a lot of people, I suppose, when we settled in Ashland, we gravitated to things we had always enjoyed. We attended marvelous concerts, lectures, and theatre productions; volunteered at the library and at animal shelters; roamed through museums and art galleries; joined the convivial and informative Newcomers Group; and explored bookstores, boutiques, and second-hand shops.

Yet, after several years here, we’re most struck by all the ways in which our interests and knowledge have been enlarged by the expertise and enthusiasm of the wonderful people we’ve come to know.

So this Thanksgiving, here is a big shout-out of gratitude and affection to the many dear friends and neighbors who taught us how to use a snow shovel, make a proper English scone, train a honeysuckle vine, and insulate the back-flow unit; who generously shared their homes, holidays, and families (including the pets!) with us; and who introduced us to the glories of hikes along Table Rock and up in the Greensprings, and to the splendors of Crater Lake – with a mandatory stop at Beckie’s Café, of course.

We can’t thank you enough for all of the great times we’ve had, all the great things we’ve learned, and all of the great laughs (and pie!) we’ve shared along the way.

Sheryl and Ed Fierro own 121 Westwood Street in Ashland, Oregon: View Listing

’Tis the Seasons

A town with a four-season climate

This phrase appeared near the top of our must-have list when we were deciding where to move at retirement. We didn’t really know what we were talking about because neither of us had lived in a place with a four-season climate, but we thought it sounded fun.

And it has been more fun than we could ever have imagined. Now, our neighbors –who hail from Canada and Wisconsin – laughingly call Ashland’s climate "four season-lite;" we just call it perfect. From the blossoming of the lilacs and cherry trees in the spring, to the informal poolside gatherings in the summer, to the migrating birds who alight along the waterfall to drink, to the opening of the ice rink downtown in November, each season has brought its own unique beauties, activities, and memories.

For all ’round perfection, it would be hard to beat the month of October here. The fall foliage is spectacular, and even raking the fallen leaves in the cold, crisp air, chatting with the neighbors and dog-walkers who pass by, feels more a seasonal pleasure than a chore.

Indoors, our tuxedo cat found a friend, too, as Halloween – and Ashland’s wildly creative annual parade – approached.

Sheryl and Ed Fierro own 121 Westwood Street in Ashland, Oregon: View Listing